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Nutritional ‘overachievers’: our favourite detox foods

The best medicine we can prescribe ourselves is how we fill our dinner plate. Food choices that are processed, refined, sugary and stripped of nutrients can literally back-log our system where as colourful, straight from the earth foods hold powerful detoxifying properties to flush toxins and replenish the system. Mindfully fill your plate with the right foods to keep your system moving, energy flowing and outlook bright and vibrant.  Here is our round up of six of our favourite detoxifying foods.  While liver and gut gets a lot of glam in the health world, we can’t forget about the importance of blood, kidneys and lymph as honing in on our body’s powerful detoxification network keeps us in our healthiest state.

Beets: Beets are full of a beautiful medley of ‘co-factors’ to support the liver in processing what it no longer needs. These nutrients include: B vitamins, magnesium, iron, zinc and calcium. Root veggies such as beets support the gallbladder, build blood and help the liver in what is referred to as ‘phase 2’ of detoxification. Trust us, it’s as potent as it sounds. This mighty crimson red powerhouse just can’t be beet!

Turmeric: Turmeric is another ‘high achiever’ in the food as medicine category. It offers a boost in circulation, purifies the blood, is anti-inflammatory, supports liver detox, stimulates bile (and really, the list goes on and on and on….) Add some ‘zing’ to your food with this golden favourite and your entire body will thank you.

Ground Flax: Ground flax contains both forms of fibre: soluble and insoluble which makes it dynamic in regulating the function of the bowel and reducing constipation. With flax-seed it is best to grind it up so that it can optimally be absorbed.

Seaweed: This ocean-water super-food has been known to bind heavy metals such as lead and cadmium to guide them out of the system.  It also moves excess fluid that may build up in the system and move it on out, making the lymph healthy and happy. 

Lemon: Lemon helps to boost metabolism, stimulate digestion, can upport the kidneys and is an overall strong purifier to the system.

Persistent life-style choices are the best medicine. Your fate is on your plate.

The information included above does not substitute as medical advice. Please consult with your healthcare provider before engaging in any new health practice.


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