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Boiron Homeopathic Medicines: a Game-Changer in Holistic Care

My passion for homeopathy started years ago and continues to grow the more I experience its magic first-hand. I first learned about it as one of the main modalities in Naturopathic Medical School and decided to pursue studies a bit further in Mumbai, India. There, it’s a frequently sought after therapy and also where one of the world’s most famed homeopaths (Dr. Rajan Sankaran) holds a teaching clinic, called ‘The Other Song’. Needless to say, my passion for it was further invigorated as I witnessed first-hand accounts of homeopathy doing the seemingly impossible from a western standpoint. Simply put, I totally dig this therapy.

While I was at the clinic, I took a picture of this framed statement – silently hoping that these words would begin to pervade Western medical culture at some point in the near future:

Alas, here I am only a few years later speaking about Boiron Canada as word continues to spread about homeopathy’s incredible benefits as a complementary medical therapy. While Boiron Laboratories has actually been a trusted brand manufacturing homeopathic medicines for 85 years, it has been in Canada for the past 29 years, and spreading like wild fire! But before we go any further – what exactly is homeopathy? It operates under the ‘law of similars’, which postulates that ‘like cures like’, essentially matching the essence of a remedy to the issue a person is experiencing. Since its strength or potency comes from the dilution of the substance, there is essentially no side effects or drug interactions – making it an exceptional complementary therapy to any health care regimen (and great for kids too!).

In my collaboration with Boiron, I’m going to speak about my experience with 2 of their popular products, which are indispensable to any home medicine cabinet: Oscillo and Arnicare.

Oscillo – your magic tablets for colds and flu


These little tubes of pellets can be taken as prevention when the initial signs of a cold or flu are presenting, or during the period of illness to shorten the duration. It reduces flu-like symptoms such as body aches, headaches, fever, and chills – while not causing drowsiness! It’s really the ideal medicine that can keep you going when your body isn’t feeling its finest. And it totally works.

I recently had a little bout of a cold a few weeks ago, which began as that gnawing, burning throat sensation (I was indulging a bit too much and not getting the sleep my body needed – totally my fault). However, I was SO thrilled to have Oscillo handy and started taking the little pellets as prescribed on the label. It never ceases to amaze me how quickly and effectively homeopathy works. With that and some bee propolis I was able to basically skip the sore throat phase (which would typically last much longer than a few hours), as it lessened rapidly. Also, my cold only a few days where my body just simply craved rest – I seemed to avoid the body chills completely. I mean, I remember the days when a cold or flu was MUCH worse. Just last year when I wasn’t so proactive with my self-care, the same thing happened – only it lasted weeks! So yes, this handy product will take up permanent resident in my home medicine cabinet so that its right there when I need it.

Arnicare – relief from bruising and swelling


You may have already heard of this INCREDIBLE plant in terms of healing physical traumas, especially in the form of bruising and swelling. I’ve been using this product since I can remember as its been invaluable to my injuries. From concussions, to whiplash, to minor & major bruising, to prevention pre-surgery as well as healing post-surgery – I swear by Arnica!!! You can take the homeopathic form internally as pellets and they also have a topical gel/cream versions that you can apply externally (especially good for sore muscle rubs!!). They are both non-greasy and free of parabens, fragrance, and NSAIDs (aka Advil). I really try to avoid pain medication like Advil for example, because it disrupts the mucosal lining of your stomach, making you prone to things like ulcers. However, there are no drug interactions if you choose to do both. The arnica is made from 100% naturally-sourced medicinal ingredients and is a MUST, especially if you’re physically active like me. Just last week I got thrown off a JetSki, last year I snapped my Achilles tendon as well as fractured my collarbone. So yeah, Arnica is great to have around!!

For more information, check out the Boiron Canada website here: http://www.boiron.ca/


With Dr. Rajan Sankaran in Goa, India



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