28 Day Herbal Teatox Program

We understand the importance of feeling and looking your best. How awesome it would be to wake up with ENERGY, have the GLOWING skin that you dream of, be able to get RESTFUL SLEEP, and eliminate that BELLY BLOAT! We believe that your health is at the forefront of all of these factors and that cleansing and nourishing your body are the keys to ultimate health. We also know that you have so many hours in a day. We’ve created a SIMPLE and COMPLETE herbal teatox program that is designed to reset your body for better health. And we want you to eat food/not starve along the way – we are NOT about deprivation. We’re also here to guide you every step of the way through our private online community. You get the tools, the product, and the support all-in-one.

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Formulated by graduates of Naturopathic Medicine, introducing a 28-day herbal tea detox, complete with diet & lifestyle guidelines, easy to follow recipes, daily emails of support, online access to exclusive yoga, meditation, and fitness videos, and a growing COMMUNITY of health empowered individuals. Harness the power of accountability and community in achieving your most vibrant health YET!

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Detox Passport Highlights

  • Specially formulated herbal teas (one targeted blend per week to cleanse and strengthen each organ of elimination)
  • Comprehensive Detox Guidebook (45 pages), with recipes and grocery lists
  • 28 days of guided support emails
  • Access to our health conscious, online private support group
  • Online video tutorials from our health ambassadors (including bootcamp fitness, meditation, breathwork, and yoga)
  • BONUS: Option to join our community detox challenge and share your progress!
  • LIMITED TIME BONUS: Feel like you need a second round? OR, want to share it with a partner? We’ve DOUBLED your 28-day tea supply!
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Client Testimonials

“"I completed the program about a week and a half ago and was absolutely thrilled with the results. I consider myself a healthy eater, but being encouraged to cut down on things like eggs, wheat, & dairy and seeing/feeling the results from doing so was really astonishing. Most visibly my skin got incredibly clear and I was sleeping better, as well as much less groggy waking up in the mornings. Erica and Emily have done a wonderful job creating this program - it is easy to follow, and because of the visible results, has encouraged me to make permanent changes in my diet moving forward. I would definitely recommend this to everyone, it is a great way to reset and get your body operating at its peak performance!"”

Vanessa Cesario, The Brunette SaladToronto

“"Love my experience with this product so far! The creators have done a wonderful job putting the program together. It has encouraged me to eat/drink clean and also replace products that I was currently using to safer/natural options. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who's looking for an efficient, easy to follow detox."”

Dee, Yoga InstructorToronto

“"Erica and Emily are absolutely INCREDIBLE! They are brilliant, vibrant, and kind. Detox Passport was born out their passion for natural healing and helping others live out their lives in the healthiest possible way. This is evident in the work they do and I am SO THANKFUL for this. From the specially formulated teas and curated list of partners to the recipes and support emails, they've thought of it all!! Check out the program for yourselves!"”

Olivia O' Young, PhotographyToronto

“"This 28 Day detox is simply amazing. From the moment I started, I've noticed great things. My skin is looking and feeling better than ever, and I'm feeling way more energetic every day! The teas also taste amazing!"”

Alex G., Old Mill GMToronto

“"I have a very busy lifestyle, but found the Detox Passport was an easy way to maintain a healthy balance! I immediately noticed a significant difference waking up, falling asleep, and concentrating. I felt so refreshed, alert and rejuvenated! I am so happy with my results and I can hardly wait to do it again!"”

Deanne WilderMy Fash Avenue

“The Detox program was/is the most amazing thing! I did the four weeks with ease and didn’t even realize I was really leaving out coffee or cheese (both of which I am a huge fan of), etc. It was very easy to include the teas and other drinks in my daily routine. I haven’t felt that light and healthy in a long time- although I detox on a regular basis (usually 7 day green juices). I actually liked it so much that I decided to do another round to get rid of old/bad habits…. started week 7 today ? Above all during the first three weeks, I lost several kilos which of course made me feel even better ? Now I have to say that I am in Germany and unfortunately cannot enjoy the local/Toronto offers, but am still absolutely into the Detox Passport! Thanks also to Erica’s great support and the online community! In a word (or three): GO FOR IT!”

Kerstin K.Munich, Germany